Anni Yang
4 min readApr 11, 2020

While people are supposed to be staying home unless they need essentials such as food and paper products, there’s another issue that is affecting many around the world. There’s a universal drug crisis during these times of the Coronavirus Pandemic. When people are extreme junkies, they can’t get one minute without their drugs.

I’ve encountered and dealt with drug addicts before but lately even though I don’t see them anymore, their behavior has escalated since they don’t have access to streets drugs. It’s not just marijuana that people demand to consume on a constant basis, it’s drugs like crystal meth and heroin that junkies can’t get enough of. Opioids are an issue for many as well and depending where people are, getting them by going to a hospital and lying about their condition, they’ll get a temporary fix. What can be done? Absolutely nothing, sadly. Most junkies can’t be fixed. They’ll just have to suffer the consequences with a painful death.

The other issue is with alcoholics. In some areas, alcohol retailers are opened since they also sell essentials, but for a limited time per day. Depending on the person, they’ll either buy a bunch of alcohol all at once but for others, since they sleep all day and usually buy their alcohol at night, their consumption is an issue since they don’t have access. Alcoholics come in all forms, wealthy to the homeless. Many alcoholics don’t have access to alcohol when they want since stores aren’t allowed to be opened beyond a specific time. Their behavior has become erratic since they’re suffer from immediate withdrawals. This is an issue and for some, their behavior can’t be fixed since more are likely to have cirrhosis.

The other big issue around the globe, is that East Asian businesses in non-Asian countries are being attacked and destroyed. While racist politicians such as Donald Trump refer the Coronavirus as the Chinese Virus, people who are of other races and nationalities, are spewing hate towards. East Asians. South Asians, African-American’s, and white people from Europe to the Americas have been on the news for their hateful rants to East Asians. East Asian businesses, particularly restaurants, have been robbed and vandalized all because non-East Asians don’t know the difference between the people, so they target ALL. These vandals and robbers still assume that the Coronavirus is a spreading from Chinese people and can’t tell all East Asians apart when it comes to businesses. Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese businesses in western countries have been destroyed because…

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