“Data Storage and the Whimpering of Society”

Anni Yang
3 min readSep 3, 2019

In these day and times, people are scared about how and where they information is used. Anywhere from the medical field when seeing a physician or engaging with business with colleagues that we assume we know very well; we must be very careful! What kind of data are organizations holding onto that is important to them? Is everything worth keeping or deleting?

MANY organizations are still too frightened to convert all of their data into the cloud. MANY of them still have physical storage units in their facility and it’s not just for backup purposes. MANY companies are scared to admit that they still use on-prem verses cloud. What those organizations fail to know, is that those components are more likely to be hackable than the cloud. Over some news of the early days, many persons fear the use of cloud services based on what was on the news and haven’t moved on since then. It is mainly smaller companies and small local governments that fear cloud storage and are in favor for on-prem.

What is all of this data that companies want to keep? It’s a wide variety of information, and most of it is personal! The data that is collected the most, is business information between our colleagues and even clientele. On-prem is still a favorite for most persons who don’t have their data exchanged with any other organizations; whereas cloud is great for people who are in different locations and other companies, exchanging information of products and services.

Examples of information collected into the cloud:

Call logs and the length of the calls between persons.

Sales progress or decline.


Health care regarding patients — ideal for those who are seeing numerous healthcare providers in the same or a different network.

Medical records from a private sector.

Various business practices.

Sporting statistics.

Education — information on school staff, teachers/professors, and students.

So, in all, there’s multiple uses as for as why it is good to put records into the cloud verses on-prem, since it’s easier to access and whomever is retrieving, can collect more than a small amount via email or snail mail.

It’s not just people, but many companies and organization as a whole who are naïve to importance of cloud storage and the…

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