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2 min readMay 11, 2020


How I Make a Burger

I don’t have a meat grinder, so when I can, I prefer to use grass fed cow beef since they have less excess fat. I would like to try to use bison instead but where I live, it’s difficult to come by. I’ve had bison before and it’s less fatty on a burger.

I use: black pepper, salt, garlic, onions, and sugar in the ground meat where I mix it in by my hands wearing gloves. I take some out and flatten by hand adding and subtracting bits.

I don’t have a grill at the moment, so I use a small frying pan. I use a pinch of vegetable oil as the pan heats up on low. Since ground meat shrinks when it’s cooked, I make my patty wide in size.

I put the patty into the pan on medium heat.

I toast the store bought buns and they’re done, I spread mayonnaise first on both sides then ketchup. My toppings this time are kept simple. I used spinach and lettuce, washed and set aside to dry.

When I flip the burger patty then another after several minutes. I put 2 slices of cheese. I used American yellow cheese for now since I couldn’t find any gouda where I was shopping earlier. The cheese slowly melts into the patty. I removed and put onto the toasted bun.

In the same pan, I put 2 slices of bacon that I’ve cut in half.

I break the lettuce leaf in half and the spinach too. I strategically place them on top of the patty.

When the bacon is done, as I’ve used tongs to flip them long ways several times on medium heat, I place them on top of the greens.

Bun on top.



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