Television Show Review: Wayne (2019/2020)

Anni Yang
2 min readNov 10, 2020

I came across a new show on Amazon Prime Video. I later learnt that the show was on YouTube Premium. I originally watched the show the day it came out, Friday, while waiting for the 2020 election results.

There’s this show called, “Wayne”. While other people review the series from when it originally aired, I am giving my own opinion on the re-release onto another service. Other shows have also been resurrected when they switched streaming formats. Due to receiving a larger audience and even a cult following. I did look online in various locations and the ten episodes series has received high reviews from critics. I usually don’t agree with these “paid” critics since their opinions on television shows and movies are terrible!

This coming of age television series has some heart in the end and there’s some irony with most of the characters that are somehow connected to the main character in an odd way. Since the main characters are teenagers whereas the actors are not, there’s no sex involved in the series, as a heads up. These youth go on an adventure for personal reasons as one incident leads to another. There’s a story with purpose and that what makes the lead actor such a favorite with people.

I did some research on the two main characters. The girl that Wayne has a crush on, was previously in other shows and movies since she was a child. The actor who plays Wayne doesn’t have much to his acting resume just yet but is an established musician. The stars of the show have excellent chemistry onscreen. As a viewer, after watching halfway through the series, I had to ask myself: Could I have pulled off an adventure like Del and Wayne at sixteen? Maybe.

Anni Yang

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