“Your Life Will NEVER Be Worse Than Mine”

Anni Yang
7 min readOct 21, 2020

I hate it when people complain about their life over situations that are relatively petty in nature. Almost ALL of the people from first world countries, ONLY complain about EVERY little thing that has NO REAL substantial purpose! I don’t know where to begin discussing. How would I let others be aware of what it truly and honestly means to suffer from REAL tragedies that were out of my control?

Let me start with what I do know:

When my mother was a child in third world country, the United States military was dropping bombs from airplanes onto all building structures below. This incident was what most people consider, the early days of what would become the Vietnam War. My parents were from the neighboring country, Laos, that was to the east of Vietnam. As what I’ve learnt, the whole southeast Asia was called, “INDOCHINE (Indochina)” for a while. My mother and her siblings witnessed the home where their parents were in, explode from the bombs. My mother’s real birthday was never record which is common in ALL poor countries around the world that don’t have hospitals and a legal center for that! My mother was definitely a child when she witnessed her parents die in front of her. Later, when people were leaving Laos, my mother was trying to get on the same crowded plane as her youngest sister and since she couldn’t get on their, the plane her sister was on, is said to have crashed into some trash since it couldn’t take off. Everyone died. My mother witnessed her youngest sister die in front of her from afar, all while not being able to do anything.

I’ll keep referring back to my mother’s life as I continue to share my life, or some parts.

If there’s one thing I sure know, the majority of people from all first world countries, have NEVER personally suffered extreme tragedies that are out of their control, and they NEVER will!

I am the child of immigrant parents. My family was poor. We made something of ourselves as REAL model citizens do when they go to a new country in hopes for a better life that was NEVER available where they’re from! There are many things that people from poor countries will NEVER understand.

It wasn’t until I was an adult, that I was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Also, there were underlying health issues that I suffered as a toddler, that I didn’t get medically diagnosed until my thirties and at age forty. The family members before my time, were never formally educated…

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